As development consultants, we can help you to achieve the maximum value for your property while mitigating the risk inherent in all stages of the development process.

Working together with landowners and property developers, we provide support and advice for large scale and small developments.

This can come in the form of advice on negotiating the complicated planning process, particularly if you come across a development hurdle that can seem insurmountable. 


These rules and constraints are necessary, a well planned and managed development can usually get past them with the correct strategy borne out of knowledge and experience. 

This will involve preparing a structure plan, which is reviewed by local planners. Dealing with any local objections to a development and redrawing plans to conform to planners’ required changes are all part of the process of preparing a site for development, as is the coordination of expert appraisals of a plan to ensure its best chance of approval by the planners. Clients will also be kept informed of any changes to local planning policy, including the outcomes of similar developments in the area.

Help and advice will also be given on the viability of a design, project management, structural engineering problems, sustainability and energy efficiency. Specifications and building standards are also important, and consideration of a development plan’s impact on neighbours is a vital component, whether it is a small scale modification to a building that may impact on their outlook or overshadow their properties, or a major development that has a larger impact on the local environment.