Selling Your Property in London

Selling residential property is potentially highly stressful and time-consuming. Going it alone is not a sensible option.

Our London estate agents will take the strain, ensuring that you get the best help and advice and that the process is completed efficiently and profitably.

There’s no substitute for in-depth knowledge gained from years of experience selling property in London’s finest residential areas. A bespoke, personal service will achieve results where tempting promises of low fees and high guide prices will fail.


Selling property successfully is all about realism

Getting the property evaluation right, assessing the market for your type of property, knowing the best way to market it and how to present it to the sort of clients that are likely to buy. Increasingly these days, a property’s energy efficiency is a determining factor leading to a successful sale. With the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) now mandatory for all properties put up for sale, making your property more energy efficient will not only smooth the process but also make it more desirable and boost its value.

London house prices vary enormously depending on many factors

Most obviously location but also on the public perception of an area. If your property is in an area that is perceived as newly fashionable or improvingoften an area adjacent to another highly valued area - then you are in the ideal position to set a good guide price. In this situation, an experienced agent is invaluable

Selling houses is often a long game

For the seller, patience is important. You should also be prepared to negotiate, so be open-minded about how much you are prepared to reduce your guide price.

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