Developers Service

Residential London’s team has over a decade of experience in supporting London’s most prominent and well-known developers.

Our overseas database and experience is invaluable for launches and exhibitions

Our services are bespoke and tailored for each developer based on the size of the scheme, the stage of sale and average price. Firstly we identify which model will work, our trips generally consist of three basic strategies:

 Official Launches:

This strategy is extremely effective, normally it is over three a day of launch at a 5 star hotel, we send invitations to our database and also use several other marketing techniques.


Attending property exhibitions can be a fantastic way to promote a new development or a new phase.

 One to one meetings:

These trips consists of meeting existing clients and new clients which have been referred who are looking to buy a home or investment properties in London.


We have a track record using the methods above, we have promoted project for developers in Turkey (Istanbul) and Saudi Arabia (Ryiad). Exhibitions in China (Shanghai), Kazakstan (Almaty) and UAE (Dubai)

One to one meetings in Russia (Moscow), Kazakstan (Almaty and Astana), Azerbaijan (Baku), Turkey (Astana, Izmir and Istanbul), Saudi Arabia (Damman and Riyadh), China (Shanghai) and UAE (Dubai)


Our residential development team have has success in promoting projects for developers across many new emerging markets, we would be interested to speak to any developer who would like to discuss how we could work together.  Please contact Simon Kyriacou on 02071764136 or by email on